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Threading…. An ancient technique but modern experience

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal using a twisted loop of cotton.  It is safe, simple, fast and the most effective method of facial hair removal.  Unlike waxing, facial threading is less irritating to the skin, removes the finer hairs that waxing leaves behind and does not peel skin layers.  Threading is a very precise method of hair removal, allowing  a threading artist to remove lines of unwanted hair from the follicle, creating more defined brows.  After regular treatments of threading, hair re-growth becomes finer. 

Treatment Menu 

Eyebrows (10 minutes) $15
Upper Lip  (5 minutes) $10
Chin  (5 minutes) $10
Sideburns (5 – 10 minutes) $10
Neck (5 - 10 minutes) $10
Brows/Upper Lip/Chin  (20 minutes) $30
Full Face/Neck (30 minutes) $45


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