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Merry Christmas Everyone!


Pimp your Feet for Spring


Happy Mothers Day to all the Fabulous Mothers in the World!


Happy Easter 

We would like to wish all our followers and their families a happy easter. We hope the easter bunny found you all.


Say goodbye to panda eyes 

Do you want to wake up in the morning looking like you have a fresh face of makeup? Are you sick of mascara runs and smudges? Do you want long luscious lashes while at the beach or swimming.  Why not book a consultation with a Fabulashes lash stylist to discuss some options for beautiful waterproof smudge free lashes.


$20 Spray Tan Special

Get your sunkissed glow with a full body spray tan from Fabulashes, $20 for the next two weeks. Call the girls at Fabulashes today. Offer ends Saturday 2nd March 2013.


Happy New Year!

In our final blog for 2012, we would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all of our lash fans for your support this year.  It's been an amazing year for us at Fabulashes, and for that, we have you all to thank. Happy New Year to you all and we look forward to seeing you in 2013... Anita, Melissa & Tracey xx


Merry Christmas 

We would like to wish all our lash fans a wonderful safe Christmas.  Thank you all so much for your support and making us part of your Christmas..... Anita, Melissa and Tracey XO


A bad eyelash extension application...

A Facebook post of a disappointed customer expecting to have individual lash extensions applied at a professional salon. Name and salon has been blocked out as we disagree with naming and shaming. This post is just to make you aware of the things you should be asking your lash stylist.

[[[[[[ One of my girlfriends Got eyelash extensions yesterday from XXX in XXXXXXXX and they are supposed to last 5 weeks but didn't even last one day, she doesn't use an oily makeup remover and doesn't rub her eyes, she took the necessary home-care to prolong the life of her lashes but this just shows that the salon either has lowsy Lash technicians or lowsy training, word of warning to you ladies just because it's cheap and a quick job doesn't means it's good!!! Have a lovely day and steer clear of this salon. x ]]]]]]

Reply by Fabulashes...
I am afraid to say these are clusters and not individual extensions. Its applications like this that raise questions about professional eyelash extensions by qualified passionate lash stylists that take pride in the work they do. A full set of single eyelash extensions should take an hour and a half to two hours when applied properly. There are stylists out there doing them in half the time, however that timeframe is questionable. Is your chosen lash stylist properly trained and qualified? Does your lash stylist dry each individual lash extension? Is your lash stylist separating your lashes and applying extensions to an individual lash? Does your lash stylist discuss the look you want and offer advice on length and thickness in comparison to your natural lashes? Do your extensions feel uncomfortable as they grow? If a lash stylist doesn't meet these conditions, it is usually a sign that he or she is cutting corners and delivering a less than professional application. No disrespect to anyone, but you should ask questions, don't necessarily opt for the cheapest, you will be compromising on quality.



Bridal Lashes

Congratulations to Jess and Luke Martin on their wedding in August. Eyelash extensions were applied by Fabulashes. Jess looked stunning with Silk B- curl extensions , 0.20 thickness, 10 & 12mm lengths highlighted with Swarovski crystal lash art