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Are your lashes ready for the holiday season?

Eyelash extensions are great for your holidays.  They are waterproof and smudgeproof and there is no need to wear mascara.  Call the girls at Fabulashes for your consultation today and have perfect lashes at the beach this summer.


The best thing about Christmas is ?

Unwrapping the package of course!


The things we do for beauty...

Where were eyelash extensions in the 1920's? Well, they weren't born then but that didn't stop women from vamping up their lashes. In the 1920's and earlier it was common for ladies to get the desired fuller darker lash look by using simple house hold products. Vasoline & soot or coal were mixed into a black gel & then applied to the lashes with a fine brush. It was also fashion for some to pluck their eyebrows clean off & draw a thin line above the natural brow line which would become their newly desired brow. Photoplay magazine goes way back to the early 1900's & is a great resorce for anyone doing research on vintage looks.


Sunday Fun

Some fun for your eyes this beautiful sunny sunday...


If you're on santa's good list....


Monday lift

For all the lovely ladies.... have a marvellous Monday!


Are your lashes beach ready for summer?

Say goodbye to those dreaded panda eyes at the beach these holidays.  Eyelash extensions are completely waterproof and smudgeproof and will leave you looking and feeling glamorous after swimming.  Get lashed for the summer, book your consultation today with the girls at Fabulashes.



Are you stumped for the perfect Christmas gift?

Why not give a gift certificate from Fabulashes.  Eyelash extensions, Semi Permanent Mascara, Facial threading, spraytanning...something for everyone.  Contct the girls at Fabulashes to purchase your gift certificate.





Lash Artistry

Be vivacious with our new violet Semi Permanent Mascara that lasts up to 4 weeks.  Completely waterproof and smudge fee.  Perfect for swimming, sports and the gym.  $50 for top and bottom lashes, application time 45 minutes.  

Semi Permanent Mascara Wonder Wand

SPM have just released a new applicator tool that will see Semi Permanent Mascara smoother and more defined than ever before. This fast, quick and easy applicator tool is simple to use and extremely effective in separating and shaping the lashes during your SPM application.  SPM lasts up to 4 weeks and is waterproof and smudge free.