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Spraytanning - Brisbane & Sunshine Coast 

Get a sunkissed glow all year round with spray tans by Fabulashes. Using the latest products, equipment and techniques, the Fabulashes girls will give you a natural looking all over tan in 15 minutes. We have a range of the best tanning solutions to ensure you will get the best tanning results for your skin type and colour.

Full Body Spray Tan       $30.00
Half Body Spray Tan       $20.00

Preparing and hydrating your skin for your spray tan gives a richer, deeper tan and it is advisable to begin drinking water and moisturising a couple of days before your tanning session. You should shave, wax, dye your hair and do any tinting at least 24 hours prior to your tanning session.

Dry areas absorb the solution quicker, leading to a darker area on the skin, therefore it is recommended that you exfoliate and thoroughly and moisturise these areas the day before. Pay particular attention to your feet, hands, knees, ankles and elbows.  This will allow the tanning solution to be absorbed more evenly and will help your tan last longer.

Do not shave, wax, moisturise, wear perfume, deodorant or make-up on the day of your spray tan session, as these can irritate the skin or can act as a barrier to tanning lotions.

Wear loose dark clothing and footwear to your tanning session to reduce the risk of clothing or shoes rubbing your tan before full it has fully developed.  You may choose to wear your own dark underwear or for your convenience we supply disposable g-strings and hair caps.

To get the most out of your spray tan it is recommended you moisturise or use a tan extender daily. Avoid hot, steamy showers or saunas. Pat your skin dry after showering do not rub.  Use gentle soaps or body washes, preferably sulphate free.  Excessive sweating and rubbing of clothing or shoes can cause your tan to wear unevenly so where possible limit strenuous activity.

Fabulashes uses and recommends: